Saturday, November 1, 2008

Economy Got You Down?

Coming VERY soon, we're going to be offering a teleseminar series on these financial topics:
  • Current Economy Best Practices & Biggest Mistakes (business & personal finances)
  • Biblical Money Mindset. So, what does the Bible say about money anyway... and do you believe it?
  • Think Like a Millionaire. High-level investing strategies & how to put your money to work for you
Tammy & Krista will be interviewing two very wise Christian financial experts - Pastor Ray Frederick and CPA Larry Layton. You will NOT want to miss what they have to say. Between the two of them, they have impacted hundreds, if not thousands of people and their financial mindsets based on Biblical principles. More information TBA - stay tuned.

For now, please submit questions (if you have any) to be answered during the calls. If we use your question, we will mention your name on the call! Please post a comment to this Blog with your questions. Thanks!

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