Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living a Secret

Living A Secret
Written by KBWA Member Karen Wells of Karis Counselling Services

We all have “stuff ” that has happened to us in our past that we do not want to remember and want to keep a secret from others. Some of that “stuff “is not so impactful and we can deal with it on our own. Maybe we can learn something from it, or perhaps it has made us wiser about future decisions or choices. That in itself is good.

Yet it is those impactful secrets that we really need to consider. Many women keep the secret of an abortion, an assault, a molestation, or a physical/emotional beating to themselves. The secret seems to be a form of protection. It seems to be a protection from lowered self-worth, guilt, fear, and even empowerment.

Yet, it is not. A secret is often a hook. It is often keeping a women from moving forward. Impactful secrets eat away at a women’s sense of self. Secrets silence hope.

Women do not seek support from a past experience for numerous reasons. They may convince themself that the situation was “not a big deal”. They may assume it is not safe to talk to anyone. They may have been taught to “suck it up”. Or maybe they are just plain scared to face the story!

I am not telling you that you should run out and tell everyone you meet about your struggle. What I am encouraging you with is that you should consider finding a safe place to expose your secret, so it does not have any more power over you. It seems so big when you are running from it, but I guarantee you that if you look at the “secret” in the face, it will shrink. It only has power if it chases you.

If you are holding a secret and you know it is impacting your life, then I encourage you to challenge it’s power. Find a safe place to get ‘unhooked”. Woman to Woman is here to help. Go to and decide if that may be the safe place you are looking for. There are numerous telephone services available, so location is not a barrier.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Talk Radio Shows

Hello business women of God!

Did you know that KBWomen hosts a weekly blog talk radio show? Yes...when we first started in January 2009, we had an independent show that we hosted twice a month. In March 2010, we joined up with the CWA Radio Network, where Christian women come to hear great show content from other Christian women radio show hosts.

Have you ever considered hosting your own internet radio show? In the beginning, I admit it was out of my comfort zone, but I've grown to love it! As business owners, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, etc., having a show is great experience and an excellent way to market yourself and your business.

Click this link to get more information about becoming a radio show host through Blog Talk Radio:

Create a Radio Show and Reach Millions

You can get started free, and take it for a test run :-). If you'd like to hear KBWomen Radio, or other radio shows for women of faith, visit the CWA Radio Network link here:

Blessings to you,
Krista Dunk

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspirational, Daily Prayer

A prayer for you today, forwarded to me by my friend First Lady Tomekia Williams from Jacksonville, FL.

Dear Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness.

Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude. Let me make the best of each day to clear my mind so that I can hear from You.

Let me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over. Let me continue to see sin through God's eyes and acknowledge it as evil. And when I sin, let me repent, and confess with my mouth my wrongdoing, and receive the forgiveness of God. And when this world closes in on me, let me remember Jesus' example -- to slip away and find a quiet place to pray. It's the best response when I'm pushed beyond my limits. I know that when I can't pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your will.

Continue to bless me that I may be a blessing to others. Keep me strong that I may help the weak. Keep me uplifted that I may have words of encouragement for others. I pray for those who are lost and can't find their way. I pray for those who are misjudged and misunderstood. I pray for those who don't know You intimately. I pray for those who don't believe. But I thank you that I believe.

I believe that God changes people and God changes things. I pray for all my sisters and brothers. For every family member in their households. I pray for peace, love and joy in their homes that they are out of debt and all their needs are met.

I pray that every eye that reads this knows there is no problem, circumstance, or situation greater than God. Every battle is in Your hands for You to fight. I pray that these words be received into the hearts of every eye that sees them and every mouth that confesses them willingly.

This is my prayer.
In Jesus' name, amen.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Powerful Prayer for Women

Most Sovereign Lord, my Father. You are the Creator of heaven and earth and all that we do not know. Your creativeness is unmatchable and Your thoughts are unreachable, yet You incline Your ear to hear the prayers of Your children. You hear every whisper and You answer every secret petition of our hearts, those we are too afraid or ashamed to utter.

You encourage us, by Your word and the gentle unction of Your sweet Holy Spirit. You stretch out Your hands and You call us to Yourself, quietly coaxing us onto Your lap, to comfort and soothe us in our time of need. Your love is unimaginable, however You spread it abroad in our hearts and teach us to live by it.

No matter what state we find ourselves, You are there. Our failings and shortcomings do not catch You by surprise...thus You are never disappointed, in us. You stand, in the midst of our frailty, and led us through the darkness and into Your marvelous light. The journey of Your choosing is for our best, whether You lift us up and out of adversity and trial, or give us the sustaining faith to endure the test. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, because You have destined us to prosper and not fail. We are Your workmanship. You are the Potter and we are the clay, thus You are molding and shaping us into the perfect beings that can only come because You abide in us.

Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom, therefore You are preparing our souls for eternity. Teach us to remain pliable, in Your hands. Cool us with Your breath, when the heat of the furnace is set to remove dross that is too deep for us to turn over on our own. We are Your watered garden, and help us to surrender to the process of Your pruning, because it is Your desire that we bear much fruit.

Abba, I come to You today, on behalf of my sister. She needs You in a way that I cannot know, but by Your Spirit. There is an ache, on the inside of her that can only be soothed by Your touch. So, touch her Lord. This may not be an ache of pain, but one of longing and desperation for more of You. The ache may be caused because of the breaking that is taking place, as You prepare her for this next move You have planned for her matter the ache, You are the Balm in Gilead and declare healing for her soul...complete salvation of mind, body and soul.

Quiet her spirit, as You whisper clear instructions for her next steps, because You are a Lamp to her feet and a Light to her pathway. She cannot do this alone, so I pray You dispatch Your angels to minister to and protect her on this journey to which You have called her. She is NOT alone. You have prepared others to succour her and nurture her along the way. She is safe, in Your arms. Lead and guide her. Strengthen and keep her. Speak, Lord. She is the head and not the tail. No matter her past or present situation, let her know You are not finished with her. The race is not given to the swift, but to the one who endures.

Give her enduring faith and unquestionable trust in You, as You work with her circumstances to bring about her good. She wins! She is more than a conqueror! She is on top and climbing! She will not fail! She will not quit! You are on her side and Your thoughts toward her are good and Your end is what will be! Show her Your purpose for her life and grant her the peace to know that she will accomplish it, because Your word does not return to You void.You get all of the glory and all of the praise, because You deserve it!

Thank You, Father! I declare it to be done, by the power and authority You have given me, in the name of Jesus...AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!

submitted by Inez Reilly -

Friday, February 4, 2011

Live Through Menopause by Loving Yourself

Most women spend their teenage years and their 20’s going through a stage of self-discovery. Ironically enough, when we enter perimenopause and menopause, that stage comes back – with a vengeance!

So many times I felt alone during perimenopause and menopause (I call it PM&M), except, of course for the SUMO wrestler in my head. You might have one too. He’s that big, scary guy, telling me horrible things, like; “You’re getting old and wrinkled”, “You’re not smart anymore” and “You’re already fat, so you might as well finish all that cookie dough and skip baking the cookies.”

In the end, my perimenopause and menopause journey actually taught me to look at some of the dysfunctional relationships in my life – like the one I had with food – and how to treat them with kindness.

Now, when my SUMO jumps in my face and begins yelling at me, I try to minimize him. I make him smaller in my mind. Over time, he keeps shrinking.

Being aware of your SUMO is so helpful because he shows up a lot! Forget the unrealistic dieting goals. Simply take care of yourself and your body in a way that brings you a sense of peace and calm. Love yourself, and when you look in the mirror every day this year, and for the rest of your life, reconnect with the beautiful person that you are, and say, “I am fabulous!” If you don’t believe it the first time, say it again, “I am fabulous!”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"E" is the pen name of Ellen Sarver Dolgen, author of Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness, a light-hearted, informative, easy-to-read book on menopause, and creator of, a resource treasure trove for women going through perimenopause and menopause. E stands for everyone because everyone goes through menopause or knows someone who does. Ellen is passionate about promoting health and wellness in America. She currently serves on the Community Advisory Board of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. She has served on boards, committees, and chaired numerous events for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, Angel Charity for Children, San Diego Hospice. Brandeis University, the Phoenix Heart Ball, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Weizmann Institute of Science, Brewster Auxiliary, and Handmaker Home for the Aging. Ellen’s lifelong commitment to philanthropy through board representation, fundraising, and event organization continues with her founding of Shmirshky Universal, which aims to promote women's health and well being around the world. For more information, visit