Monday, February 14, 2011

Powerful Prayer for Women

Most Sovereign Lord, my Father. You are the Creator of heaven and earth and all that we do not know. Your creativeness is unmatchable and Your thoughts are unreachable, yet You incline Your ear to hear the prayers of Your children. You hear every whisper and You answer every secret petition of our hearts, those we are too afraid or ashamed to utter.

You encourage us, by Your word and the gentle unction of Your sweet Holy Spirit. You stretch out Your hands and You call us to Yourself, quietly coaxing us onto Your lap, to comfort and soothe us in our time of need. Your love is unimaginable, however You spread it abroad in our hearts and teach us to live by it.

No matter what state we find ourselves, You are there. Our failings and shortcomings do not catch You by surprise...thus You are never disappointed, in us. You stand, in the midst of our frailty, and led us through the darkness and into Your marvelous light. The journey of Your choosing is for our best, whether You lift us up and out of adversity and trial, or give us the sustaining faith to endure the test. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, because You have destined us to prosper and not fail. We are Your workmanship. You are the Potter and we are the clay, thus You are molding and shaping us into the perfect beings that can only come because You abide in us.

Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom, therefore You are preparing our souls for eternity. Teach us to remain pliable, in Your hands. Cool us with Your breath, when the heat of the furnace is set to remove dross that is too deep for us to turn over on our own. We are Your watered garden, and help us to surrender to the process of Your pruning, because it is Your desire that we bear much fruit.

Abba, I come to You today, on behalf of my sister. She needs You in a way that I cannot know, but by Your Spirit. There is an ache, on the inside of her that can only be soothed by Your touch. So, touch her Lord. This may not be an ache of pain, but one of longing and desperation for more of You. The ache may be caused because of the breaking that is taking place, as You prepare her for this next move You have planned for her matter the ache, You are the Balm in Gilead and declare healing for her soul...complete salvation of mind, body and soul.

Quiet her spirit, as You whisper clear instructions for her next steps, because You are a Lamp to her feet and a Light to her pathway. She cannot do this alone, so I pray You dispatch Your angels to minister to and protect her on this journey to which You have called her. She is NOT alone. You have prepared others to succour her and nurture her along the way. She is safe, in Your arms. Lead and guide her. Strengthen and keep her. Speak, Lord. She is the head and not the tail. No matter her past or present situation, let her know You are not finished with her. The race is not given to the swift, but to the one who endures.

Give her enduring faith and unquestionable trust in You, as You work with her circumstances to bring about her good. She wins! She is more than a conqueror! She is on top and climbing! She will not fail! She will not quit! You are on her side and Your thoughts toward her are good and Your end is what will be! Show her Your purpose for her life and grant her the peace to know that she will accomplish it, because Your word does not return to You void.You get all of the glory and all of the praise, because You deserve it!

Thank You, Father! I declare it to be done, by the power and authority You have given me, in the name of Jesus...AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!

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