Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Business Networking Tips

Business Networking is a vital sales tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I’ve seen a lot of great advice given over the years – but very few people touch on what I have found to be the most important skill of all. Most networking advice focuses on what to say – how to position yourself, and how to develop your elevator pitch.

Most networkers rush into talking about themselves, and the services and/or products their business offers. However, networking is a long term game – and the initial meeting is just the beginning. Do not rush to blurt out all the details of your services. But be the first to ask “what do you do?” and focus on the other person. This gives you 5 advantages:

1. You can discover whether the other person is a potential customer or a potential referrer for you – and adjust your “elevator speech” accordingly.

2. You can see how to best pitch your services to hit the right "hot buttons" for them.

3. If you offer multiple services you can identify which service is the most appropriate for them and focus on a powerful specific message for that –particular service, rather than using a generic "catch all."

4. By listening to the way they communicate and the language they use, you can identify the best way to communicate with them in a compelling manner.

5. You can pick up specific areas where you can help people to connect them too or direct them to resources. By adding value for them before you’ve even talked about yourself you’ll make a tremendous impression.

-by Karmen A. Booker

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Karmen A. Booker is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Chief Consultant for Compu-Perfect Professional Services, a business consulting firm specializing in business incorporation, establishing limited liability companies, contract drafting & reviewing, and more.

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She is also the author of “Business Tips” Report where you will discover tips that will put you on the Road to Business Success, Tips for creating and implementing a marketing plan, and more. This report and other books she has authored are available for online purchase at by clicking on the respective report and book covers on the right sidebar of her blog site.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating Business Videos - Starring You!

Would you like to create video clips for your website or blog? Maybe have your own online TV channel? Last month when I went to Philadelphia for an author's conference, I met several people who wanted more information about how to make their own videos. I explained my process, and thought you might find it helpful too.

In 2010, I've started creating video clips, and to be quite honest...I'd rather talk to live people! But, with practice, my video recordings are improving bit-by-bit. Before I started creating videos, practicing with audio recordings was my first step. By the way, I use as my audio recording service. It's free, and recordings can be easily shared and downloaded as needed.

If you are ready for video, here are the steps I use so you can see the whole process:

  1. Purchase a Flip-Video camcorder. Small and easy to use, they plug right into your computer to directly download your video clips. Software is included with each camera! Cost - $100-200. Note - Some laptops already have built-in webcams you could use to record!

  2. Write an outline or script of what you'd like to say. Whether you prefer a more spontaneous style, or scripted, this will help keep you on track. Note - Glance at notes occasionally, rather than reading from them.

  3. Set yourself up in a well lit area, and do test shots. Adjust the camera's placement as needed so you are centered and well lit. Note - Eliminate background noise.

  4. Record your message several times.

  5. Download the videos onto your computer and pick your favorite. Edit as needed using the software that is included. You can easily crop off unnecessary portions of the beginning and end of the clips.

  6. Create a YouTube channel for free at, and upload videos to your channel. Note - Uploaded videos can't be more than 10 minutes long. Click here to visit KBWomen's YouTube channel.

  7. Embed the video code into a blog or website, and/or share the video with others via email. Done!

Think about what questions your audience/clients/prospects have right now. Could you answer them in video? Could you record a short video (or audio) welcome message? Do you have a series of teachings or trainings you could introduce with video? Video is a great way for people to feel more personally connected with you.

Feeling nervous about it? Don't worry - so did I at first. If I can do it, I know you can too. Think of it as a great way to develop a new skill, and practice your presentation skills at the same time. Let a trusted friend view them and give you feedback along the way. You're going to be great!

Posted by Krista Dunk,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Pray It Forward" Challenge

"Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." -Mark 11:24

Thank you Jesus that we have direct access to the Father through prayer. It's one of our most powerful tools within the Kingdom of God. At my church, one of our associate pastors recently made this statement, "Sow where you want to go." Our main pastor added another twist by saying, "Sow where you want to grow." Today I offer a challenge to each of us; a challenge to "Pray It Forward."

Think about what you need in your business or ministry right now. Is it wisdom? More sales? Clarity of ideas? A mentor? A specific opportunity to open up? Someone to partner with you? A new skill? New clients? A sense of purpose? Whatever it is, pray it forward.

Let me explain...Don't wait until something good comes your way to pay it forward, as we've seen in movies, PRAY it forward, sow it now! Sow prayer into someone else's life and business for what you need. Bless them in the area in which you need a blessing from God. By doing this, you are sowing into others, and others can sow into you.

Here is what you can do:
- Define your need.
- Pick 2 business women of faith.
- Send them a prayer note - specifically about what you need, but praying it for them.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to set up a profile at KBWA (if you haven't already). We offer a free "intro member" level, and there you can easily select 2 women to pray for and send them a note. Or, maybe you already have 2 people in your network or church in mind. Either way, please consider taking our Pray It Forward challenge this month.

I'd love to hear feedback from you on this, and how it has impacted lives! I am picking my 2 ladies to pray it forward to now...

Posted by Krista Dunk,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business, by Diana Kohn

Do you ever feel God is tapping you on the shoulder? Maybe He is pushing you in a direction you are scared to go. Eventually He starts to yell out to you.

He is calling you, do you hear Him?

It can be scary to follow the path He has laid out for you. It can be especially scary when it involves starting a business.

How do you start? Where do you start? Is there anyone to help you?
As a business owner myself I understand the mixed feelings of starting a business. It’s scary and exciting. It’s daunting and thrilling. Its great risk, yet possibly great reward. If you enter a new business with the right intentions, with the heart to help, and following God's plan the odds are in your favor.

How do you start? Make a list. Below are some of the things you may need to add to your list. List out each task you need to start your business. Each day knock one or two things from your list. As you cross things from the list new items will be added. Before you know it all your items are checked off and you are a business owner.

· Get a business license
· Get business cards
· Join a networking group
· Set up your accounting

Where do you start? Start with organization’s like Koinonia Business Women. The whole purpose of an organization like KBWomen is to help you. This group was designed to help educate women. They are here to promote you. Take advantage of all the information they have to offer.

Is there anyone to help you? There are many professionals that have owned businesses for many years. The information they have is priceless. Our business FLAIR was designed to help business owners develop the tools they need to grow. We are here to support you and your business. We will enhance the skills you already have, to help build your business. From walking into your first networking meeting to making the final sales, FLAIR will be there with you.
FLAIR will help you with:

· Networking with FLAIR
· Branding with FLAIR
· Sales with FLAIR

Education and support are key to the success of your new venture. Sit down. Make your list. Get ready to start your journey. If you are following the right path, the doors will open and the customers will walk in.

Article by Diana Kohn. Diana Kohn is a member of Koinonia Business Women. She is the co-founder of FLAIR. You can reach her at 206-353-1003 or