Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Pray It Forward" Challenge

"Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." -Mark 11:24

Thank you Jesus that we have direct access to the Father through prayer. It's one of our most powerful tools within the Kingdom of God. At my church, one of our associate pastors recently made this statement, "Sow where you want to go." Our main pastor added another twist by saying, "Sow where you want to grow." Today I offer a challenge to each of us; a challenge to "Pray It Forward."

Think about what you need in your business or ministry right now. Is it wisdom? More sales? Clarity of ideas? A mentor? A specific opportunity to open up? Someone to partner with you? A new skill? New clients? A sense of purpose? Whatever it is, pray it forward.

Let me explain...Don't wait until something good comes your way to pay it forward, as we've seen in movies, PRAY it forward, sow it now! Sow prayer into someone else's life and business for what you need. Bless them in the area in which you need a blessing from God. By doing this, you are sowing into others, and others can sow into you.

Here is what you can do:
- Define your need.
- Pick 2 business women of faith.
- Send them a prayer note - specifically about what you need, but praying it for them.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to set up a profile at KBWA (if you haven't already). We offer a free "intro member" level, and there you can easily select 2 women to pray for and send them a note. Or, maybe you already have 2 people in your network or church in mind. Either way, please consider taking our Pray It Forward challenge this month.

I'd love to hear feedback from you on this, and how it has impacted lives! I am picking my 2 ladies to pray it forward to now...

Posted by Krista Dunk, www.KBWomen.com

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Patti said...

This is really good Krista. I just now (several days later) read your post. I actually had something similar happen in church yesterday. I was led to pray for someone I didn't know who needs employment. I felt I had something specific just for him. After praying, HE prayed for ME just what I'VE been praying for myself! What a surprise...I'm going to do this, great prayer idea! Patti