Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meeting #2 is Sept. 30th!

Yes that's right... This Tuesday, September 30th is Koinonia Business Women's 2nd live meeting happening in the Olympia/Lacey area. Ladies, if you're a Christian business owner, manager or executive, ministry leader, aspiring entrepreneur, independent consultant, manage a business someone else owns, etc., this meeting is for you.
Come for fellowship, skill building, networking, & fun.

Date: Tues, Sept. 30th
Time: 12:30-2PM
Location: 4431 Martin Way, Lacey - Fusion Cafe

Visit to RSVP for our meeting. We will be also having two available in October - Dates & location TBA. We look forward to meeting you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Inaugural Meeting!

Hello friends,
The first live meeting held by Koinonia Business Women was this week! We had women there from various aspects of the business world - even aspiring entrepreneurs.

At the end of our meeting time, we received feedback like this:

"This group is a God-send. An answer to my prayers."

"I need this group. I work with an office of all men, so this fellowship and time of refreshing from the Word is great!"

"I'm so excited to have the opportunity to join and be a part of this organization. Being around excellent people and learning from everyone inspires me."

Last night, Tammy and I shared our vision and extended an invitation to over 100 women at a large, Olympia church's women's event. Join us now! It's an exciting time for the Koinonia Business Women's organization. You belong here.

Krista Dunk, Co-Founder Koinonia Business Women

Monday, September 15, 2008

Can God Bless the Work of Your Hands?

It's an interesting question, right? God says He will in many different scriptures. However, there are specific things potentially mixed with "work" which He cannot bless, such as:

  • Lying, because He is truth,
  • Laziness, because He gives us the power to get wealth,
  • Lust, because He loves self-control,
  • Selfish desires and fleshly ambition, because He cares for people and commands us to do the same,
  • Pride (unteachable attitude or boastfulness), because He says He will lift up the humble,
  • Indecision or unfulfilled promises, because He Himself makes promises and has covenants,
  • Poverty mentality, because He's waiting to pour out the storehouses of Heaven,
  • Bitterness, because He freely forgives you,
  • Unfaithfulness, because He is faithful,
  • Deceitfulness, because things done in secret will be brought into the open,
  • Justifying wrong actions, because He searches and knows our hearts, and
  • Worldly wisdom, because His ways are true wisdom.

We say "work" with quotes because your work is not solely what you get paid to do. It can include serving, a volunteer ministry, what you do at home for your family, any kind of effort you put forth (to of course include jobs, businesses, etc.). There is a character/attitude and a work ethic that is a very necessary ingredient of God being able to bless the work of your hands.

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