Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 - Day 12... A Prophetic Word.

Last week, a friend sent me a prophetic word via an e-mail forward. It was a general, spirit-lead word from a woman pastor in Alaska about this year - 2009. Her name is Nancy Haney, and she believes that this year will be a year of harvest, a year of fruit of the Spirit for dedicated believers.

She believes that believers have been on a journey since 2000, leading up to 2009. Each of us have been laboring, praying, believing, working, learning, maturing, struggling, etc., for the past 8 years in various areas of our lives (business, relationships, health, finances, spiritual) and it's time for His promises to be revealed! A time to receive the harvest from our efforts!

I agree with, and receive this word from the Lord! Personally, my life has seen major changes since 2000 - New career, loss, leaving my career, joining a new church, having 2 children, moving, creating financial goals & investments, time periods of frustration, personal development, starting businesses, discovering my purpose, mentors, skill building, more loss, goal setting, using skills and talents for His Kingdom, medical reports, reconnecting with people, dreams, hearing God's voice, gaining new perspective in many areas, and so many more things. What has seemed random and scattered, is now is merging and making sense. I can look back and see how the cumulative experiences, failures, successes, challenges, opportunities, are ALL coming together for His purposes. Do you feel the same?

Those who are called according to His purposes and follow God with perseverance will see Him work mightily in their lives. It is exciting to see what God supplies to His people in 2009!

Blessings to You,
Krista Dunk

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