Friday, June 12, 2009

Dynamic Women of Faith!

Calling all women of faith!

There is an amazing opportunity brewing for you. Not only is it going to be amazing, not only are we involved, not only will it strengthen your spiritual life, not only are 14+ topical experts being featured...but it's also available to you free! There are some upgrade options available, which offer some really nice add-on features, and even those are at a very low cost if you choose to explore them! What are we talking about? It's called the Dynamic Women of Faith Telesummit, and you can participate from anywhere via phone.

Experience the power of the Dynamic Women of Faith Telesummit - Click here!

This event is being organized by Robin Tramble, our recent guest on KBWomen Radio. She is amazing and a wise woman of God. You will need to register via the link in red above, even though it is a free event.

At some point, many of us realize we need to increase our capacity and knowledge to be successful in life. If you are realizing that you need mentors, coaches and support to reach your goals and the next level in your spiritual walk, sign up for the Dynamic Women of Faith Telesummit. You will be so thankful that you did. Again, here is that link -DWOF Telesummit. Check it out! God is at work in this event.

Blessings to you! This telesummit is one of those blessings we'd like to send to you :-)

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