Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Different Kind of Wild - Book Review

Time to Leave Tame Faith Behind
Get ready to experience the adventurous spiritual life God has for you.
Today we're reviewing a book that Revell Books sent to us called "A Different Kind of Wild" by author Debbie Alsdorf. At first glance, you may think that it's a book about going crazy! Not so, although we might be able to write that one right now with all the conference planning we've been doing!! Just kidding... OK, but seriously, this book has been a great read.

Alsdorf explains this call to becoming wild: “’Wild’ stands for ‘women in lifelong development.’” While this might sound intimidating and out-of-reach to some women, she points out that it is a process. “The key is understanding that it’s a lifelong development. There are no overnight spiritual success stories. We are on a journey with God: Each day the pages of life are turned, and line by line our story unfolds. It is a process.”

The first portion of the book speaks to a topic dear to my heart - becoming conformed to the image of Christ. One of my favorite lines in the mid-section of the book says this, "I never cease to be amazed that God selected me, imperfect me, to be on His team...When I live as one who has been selected, then I live differently..." That is a powerful thought. I was even delighted to see the word "koinonia" being referenced later in this book! How awesome!

This book is an excellent combination of real life stories, scriptures, encouragement, and wise counsel for becoming a "wild" woman of God. Two thumbs up from us! I'll leave you with this parting thought from the book's cover:

Is Your Faith Too Tame?

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