Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Please Contribute Your Wisdom & Expertise

It's no secret. We know that you know stuff. In fact, we'd love to know what you know. Will you please share?

That's the beauty of being a part of a community of business women of faith; collaboration and contribution. We can share our wisdom and make a difference in each others' lives. The information, skills and gifts that you have can make a big impact for someone else, and the opportunity for that to happen is being created next week.

Here is how you can help: What is your best tip for other business women, based on your area of expertise? It could literally be about anything you have extensive experience in, from parenting to sales tips, recycling to email etiquette, event planning to business branding, or from color, image and style to author coaching. Next Thursday, your best tip will be featured as part of an article on the KBWomen blog. Not only will you be sharing valuable knowledge with others, but your business will be getting online exposure at the same time. Win-win!

Here is an example of what we'd like to see (and how you will be credited):

Make room in your budget to use a professional graphic designer. It wouldn't cross our minds to attempt our own plumbing or mechanical work, so it is also advisable to seek professional help with something as important as business identity (which is presented to the world). Schedule an initial consultation with a designer who comes highly recommended, and bring the following information with you: Mission statement, values, target audience, and 3 descriptive adjectives about your business. Make sure you feel heard and that costs are communicated clearly and agreed upon. If your gut tells you to find another designer, then do it. -Trisha Ferguson, Owner of http://www.ircprintanddesign.com/

Please keep your tip to approx. 100 words or less. After the article is compiled and posted, you will get a quick email with the link. I encourage you to share it anywhere you can, including via email, on Twitter, Facebook, and post the link on your blog. When there is a good amount of traffic to the post, we all "win" again. Google may even pick it up and give the post a high ranking on their list it when someone types in "business women's tips" and other similar search terms!

Please, send in your tip now via email to questions@kbwomen.com. Please use the subject line "My Best Tip." Wednesday the 14th is the submission deadline, but receiving them sooner is preferable. Thank you all! This is just another way we can collaborate for the success of all.

Thank you ladies! ~Krista

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