Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What is Prosperity?

As Christians in America, "prosperity" is a word that has been, at times, used and abused by some teachers and ministers. As people of faith, we have become wary of its mere mention. The reality is, prosperity is a Biblical term and prosperity is a God-ordained state of being (or not being). However, I want to share a new perspective on this topic - one you may not have realized before. It starts with this statement from Pastor Gregory Dickow:

“Redefine prosperity - Prosperity IS God’s presence in your life. Genesis 39:2 says the Lord was with Joseph, so he was a PROSPEROUS MAN.”

Does this strike you as it does me? God's presence is the definition of prosperity. When God's presence is with you, you are prosperous. When God's presence is with me, I am prosperous. Prosperity does have evidence in the natural realm as well, including provision, wisdom, a fullness of life, and favor, but it all starts with God's Spirit being present with us.

There are all kinds of prayers that we pray for blessings of various types; material goods, finances, children, relationships, healing, etc. God knows what we need and it is good to express the desires of our hearts with Him. But, let's take prayers for blessings a step further.

Psalm 119:135 says, "Bless me with Your presence." I believe we need to ask for more of God's presence by seeking, praying, worshipping, and reading the Word more. When His Spirit fills us up powerfully, daily, then our prosperity will know no bounds!

Jabez prayed to have his territory enlarged. If we want to also pray that same prayer, I believe our ability to love needs to be enlarged first. This comes through fellowship with God; His presence. As you can see, it's all working together!

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