Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Newsletters by Christian Women in Business

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Later this week, KBWomen's association KBWA, is having a tele-class on creating business e-newsletters. In honor of our e-newsletter theme for the month, below is a list of several free e-newsletters that you may be interested in receiving.
E-newsletters/e-zines, just like KBWomen's *BLING* newsletter, are a great source of information, inspiration, learning and trend updates, depending on their topic/focus. Browse this free newsletter list below, and feel free to visit these business women's sites for more info if they are of interest to you:

Toby Parsons: It's Your Image, Professional Wardrobe Consultant for Women, offers a quarterly newsletter. You receive a free gift/download when you sign up at:

Karen Wells: Receive the "Woman to Woman" ezine for women wanting hope, acceptance and change today! Get un-hooked from past pain. Sign up at

Krista Dunk: The "Gifts & Calling Newsletter" for people of God who want more information about how to discover their God-given gifts and His calling for their lives. Sign up at

Tammy Redmon: Inspiring Action - Shifting Perspectives. Weekly tips that will motivate and propel you forward in life and business.

Kathie Nelson: Sign up for Kathy's "Insights for Busy People" e-newsletter at

Cherish Flieder: "Painting for Life" is an inspirational arts newsletter from a husband and wife artist team who paint for the Way, the Truth and the Life. Sign up at

Ericka Jackson: The "Greater Works" weekly ezine is for Christians who've been called to build a thriving ministry and need inspiration and equipping. Visit to sign up.

Kathy Wright: Receive a free, weekly health and beauty tips newsletter for women - creating health and preventing disease, by Kathy Wright, ND.

Janice Campbell: "The Edge: Success Strategies for People Who Work with Words" is a monthly newsletter with career-building articles, events, tips and quotes for writers and editors. Sign up at

Tonya Fitzpatrick: "Positive Footprints"complements the "World Footprints Radio Show" and focuses on socially conscious & responsible travel and lifestyle. It features interviews with celebrities and newsmakers. Sign up at

JoJo Tabares: Receive the Art of Eloquence newsletter with tips on leadership, overcoming shyness, homeschool speech and debate, social communication, conflict resolution and sharing the faith among other things.​pages/newsletters.php

Koinonia Business Women: "*BLING* Newsletter" - for Christian women in business who want ideas, tips and inspiration. Get a little sparkle in your inbox :-). Sign-up link:

E-newsletters (AKA e-zines) are a great way to stay informed, get new information, hear about events, and/or learn about a particular topic...and they're free! If any of these newsletters are of interest to you, please visit the sign-up website that is mentioned.

Thank you for reading - please visit for more information

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