Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to Koinonia Business Women's New Blog called "BLING"!

What is Koinonia Business Women?
Koinonia Business Women (KBW) is an organization originally created by two Christian business women in partnership for a joint purpose. We are "Building & Empowering Today's Christian Businesswomen".

What is this Blog for?
Ongoing conversation, encouragement, business skill building tips, Godly wisdom, and updates on KBW event information. We shift perspectives in thinking so that women stop under-living and start performing to their own personal greatness.

What does BLING stand for?
Building, Leading, Inspiring, & Nurturing Godly businesswomen! We liked the meaning behind BLING's word-play and we just like sparkly bling stuff too, so it was a perfect fit!

Who is this Blog for?
Professional women, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, ministry leaders, executives, women who run/manage a business for someone else, and women in business in general.
Some of you ladies may be 'none of the above' (right now). However, if you feel you belong here anyway - welcome!

What does the word Koinonia mean?
Hearts in fellowship with God and with like-minded believers: Expressing our depth & richness in joint participation.

Where can I get more information?
You can visit, and for more information!

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