Friday, October 24, 2008

Koinonia Business Women - Who Are We?

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Tammy Redmon & Krista Dunk


My name is Tammy Redmon, co-founder of Koinonia Business Women: We are the premier source of encouragement, training and inspiration for faith-filled women business leaders in their life, career and walk with God.

Our hearts are to be in fellowship with God and like-minded believers: Expressing our depth and richness in joint participation.

Are you a Christian woman in Business?

Are you living to your full potential?

Are you looking for your purpose and passion?

At Koinonia Business Women we lift up and encourage professional women around the world to be bigger and bolder in their walk with God.

Our monthly meetings are a place to network with other like-minded believers, gain tools, clarity, Godly wisdom and encouragement as you seek to live life fully empowered, pushing toward your full potential.

At KBwomen we are Teaching faith-filled women how to have success by combining the principles of business & faith"

Our vision is to be the premier source of encouragement, training and inspiration that will forward women business leaders in their community and career.

Through fellowship and teaching we are lifting up today’s faith filled women leaders to realize the fullness of their God-given potential and anointed calling

With our monthly meetings, online teleseminar series, ebooks, and newsletters, the god-inspired offerings that we provide keep us top of mind as the single source in Godly encouragement, professional training and inspiration women believers.

KBwomen is taking Christian knowledge and combining it with business savvy attitudes and reaching out to professional, faith-filled women in our communities and beyond.

Join us at to find out how you too can get plugged in to this rich and exciting God inspired resource!

We will see you soon.

Tammy and Krista

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