Saturday, October 4, 2008

Persecuted for Your Faith?

As a Christian businesswoman, I recently experienced some online persecution on a social networking site. Here is the irony - I was hoping to get feedback from other Christian business owners on the challenges they experience. With the abrupt hostility I faced, my own question was answered!
We in the U.S. experience "persecution" on a much smaller scale (usually) compared to Christians in other countries, where they experience financial, physical and even legal persecution for their faith. However, what we deal with is real none-the-less. Anti-Christian attitudes, unfair treatment, ignorance, slander, prejudice, and more rarely, attacks on property are realities of Christian life in the modern-day USA.
Realize this - the offenders, at the core, are against God, not us as individuals.
What can we do? Pray. Forgive. Do not let our hearts be troubled. Overcome the offense. Seek God on how to respond or if to respond at all. Sometimes the antagonist is actually seeking answers about God.

Are you wondering what I did? I did not respond - it was futile. These folks were questioning, yet not really wanting answers. "Light" and just the mentioning of "Christian" was offensive to their darkness. In this world we will have troubles, but He gives us His peace to see situations and people through His perspective. And now this situation can be shared to encourage others to press on towards the prize, no matter how many others want to trip you on the way!

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