Tuesday, March 17, 2009

God Ideas

Last week, I got the privilege of seeing Creflo Dollar speak at the Christian Faith Center Vision '09 Conference. Excellent! One of the really great nuggets of truth I walked away with was on the topic of resources and time management.

If you are an idea person (like Tammy and I totally are), you get good ideas all the time. The problem is knowing which to implement! As business and ministry people, there is only so much time, resources and money available, so we can't "do" everything. Therein lies the dilemma... Which ideas get focused attention and become activities to work on and develop?

About 3 years ago, Pastor Dollar said he swept through his ministry eliminating every "good idea" that was taking up resources, time, volunteer hours, money, etc. Seem strange? It did to me as well, until he followed it up with this thought - Allow only the God ideas to remain.

If we can catch hold of this simple thought, it could transform our businesses, careers and ministries. Allow only the ideas and activities that God ordains and anoints to remain. The God ideas will flourish. The God ideas are predestined to succeed. The God ideas will bear much fruit. The God ideas will bring you the most satisfaction. The God ideas serve his purposes on the earth. I don't know about you, but I think I have some "house cleaning" to take care of...
-Krista Dunk, Co-Founder

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