Thursday, April 2, 2009

Business Networking Groups - Why Go?

Hello readers,

Heard of any interesting workshops or seminars lately? Or maybe you've been invited to attend a business networking group? Whether it's a group, meeting, conference, workshop, etc., why should you consider going?

From our point of view, live meetings, workshops, etc. have special benefits, and here are some of the note-worthy ones:
  1. Dedicated time to learn
  2. Find other, like-minded people
  3. Get sales leads and potentially great connections with others
  4. Hear about other resources that you may need
  5. Get out and have some tax-deductible fun!
At Koinonia Business Women, we place a high value on our live meetings and events. We make friends, fellowship with like-minded Christian believers, discover networking opportunities, learn new business skills, and have fun. The interaction that happens encourages and lifts up each attendee, as they both share and receive.

Wish there was a meeting in your local area? Contact us today... you're probably not alone!

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