Friday, April 17, 2009

The Wall of Prayer Update - Day 5

Hello Friends!

It's early on day #5 of The Wall of Prayer ( Exciting things are happening and great connections are being made. Many have submitted prayer requests, and many have commented and prayed for the requests of others. The Wall has even become international!

Here is one response from someone who submitted a prayer request at The Wall: "I have been so encouraged by the love, kindness, and support.... I am overwhelmed! Never would I have dreamed of receiving such a blessing from the replies to my prayer request. Thank you."

Who do you know that needs to be here? Do you know people that have prayer needs? you know anyone who doesn't have prayer needs?? Everyone needs to join this community! Help us spread the word far and wide about

We appreciate you! Have a blessed day.
Krista & Tammy

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