Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You are My lady, a woman by My design!

By Dianne Berquist

I created you in My image—
lovingly and tenderly fashioned you by My own hand.

And you are unique—truly, you’re one of a kind! You are wonderfully and fearfully made!
In all the world there never has been—nor ever will be—another just like you!

No one else will possess the same blending of physical characteristics, emotional strengths and weaknesses; no one else will possess your sense of humor and the music of your laughter.

I have placed within you the ability to dream the dreams I have for you, as well as the desire to see them fulfilled.

What I see in you and for you is far beyond what you’ve allowed yourself to envision. Every time you’ve even come close to releasing yourself into greatness, you suddenly catch your breath--and pull back into what you know.

By forfeit you’ve allowed yourself to be limited—you have heeded the perception of those who do not see you or know you as I do, rather than defining yourself by your Divine heritage.

Close your eyes and dream with Me. I see you walking in beauty that flows from deep within the core of your being, radiating through your countenance. Your touch is gentle and reassuring. Your voice is warm and filled with love, for you speak out of the overflow of your heart. Within you are special talents and abilities which I have entrusted to you. No one can express them the way you can, for the uniqueness of who you are colors all that you do.

Your presence is a fragrance---first to Me, and then in the lives of those around you.
You have the ability to impact people and situations simply by being there, and being who I’ve created you to be.

Come, My lady, and dance with Me to the music of My love for you. When the storms of life blow strong against you, I will hold you close to My heart and shelter you there. Whenever your heart is wounded, I will heal the hurt and gently dry your tears—you are safe in My arms. And when the times of great joy come, we will celebrate together.

I am devoted to you! I will never, no never, leave you nor forsake you—and I will never fail you, because I love you.

You are My lady---will you allow Me to be your Lord?

Dianne Berquist is a Copywriter, Editor and Proofreader. She lives in Montana with her husband. Together they enjoy taking long drives and sipping on soothing cups of Starbucks. ("Hey, in Montana, it takes a long drive to get a cup of Starbucks! Dianne laughs.) With her new blog The WordWorks Now Dianne is looking forward to sharing her love for words and her heart for helping people succeed with her weekly posts.

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