Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Faith for Christians

Hello Readers,

I wanted to share a new revelation with you. It's something I discovered after meditating on John chapter 6 - regarding Jesus' statement, "I am the bread of life." My prayer is that you will contemplate this as well and gain new understanding of the Kingdom of God.

I've discovered that believing is the same process as eating. Sound strange? Here's more:

Step 1 of believing - something is presented (an idea, concept, statement from someone, etc.).
Step 1 of eating - something is presented (a menu, grocery shopping, a meal on a table, etc.).

Step 2 of believing - we take in and accept what has been presented in our heart, mind & spirit.
Step 2 of eating - we take the food in (consume).

Step 3 of believing - this new belief weaves itself into our being - it becomes a part of us.
Step 3 of eating - this food becomes a part of us physically, and either nourishes or harms us.

Step 4 of believing - beliefs should be tested and refined by the Word of God - the Bible. If anything is found to be false, it should be removed.
Step 4 of eating - any "waste" food that has been found to be unnecessary is refined out and eliminated

Believing, of course, is in the spiritual, emotional and mental realms. Eating is physical. However, I have noticed that many times God's principles work the same way spiritually, as things in the natural world do. When Jesus was saying "This is [I am] the bread that came down from heaven. Your forefathers ate manna and died, but he who feeds on this bread will live forever," He was talking about taking Himself (Jesus) in - BELIEVING and trusting in His name. It is accepting within ourselves His wisdom and salvation and making it a part of us. The bread of life (Jesus) nourishes us.

When we take communion, we remember the words that Jesus spoke, "This is my body, broken for you...Do this in remembrance of Me." His body was broken for us, just like food is as it goes in. His broken body nourishes us, and His blood washes us clean. Without physical nourishment, our bodies get weak and die. Without the life nourishment Jesus gives, our spirits become dead.
Eating and believing are the same. What are you going to eat today? What is going into your soul and staying? Physically and spiritually, let's feed on healthy food.

Posted by Krista Dunk

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