Monday, May 10, 2010

The Inner and Outer Work of Faith

As business women of faith, you and I are involved in a lot of work on a daily basis; business, ministry volunteering, households, family, relationship building, etc., etc.

As I see it, we have two kinds of work in our lives.

1. The Inner Work - personal development, spiritual renewal, renewing mindsets, and attitudes, and things like that.
2. The Outer Work - things that we are doing daily - the actions we are taking.

Examples of inner work include:

  • Attitudes (adjustments :-))
  • Changing wrong mindsets and limiting beliefs about ourselves
  • Self-image
  • Conforming to the image of Christ
  • Becoming spiritually mature
  • Taking off old, unhealthy habits
  • Becoming aware of our values

Some of my personal inner work that I've done (and am still doing in some cases) are things like:

  • Self-confidence
  • Getting skills
  • Making sure my self-image matches who God says that I am
  • Checking my attitudes and motives
  • Learning to hear from God better
  • New mindsets about money

Now let's talk about outer work. Outer work is the wise, effective actions that we take in our lives on a daily basis. For example, today I sang at a wedding, helped my children clean their rooms, worked on business emails, wrote on my book project, etc. The outer work that you and I are involved in should stem from the inner work that is going on in our hearts and minds. What do you value? What do you believe in? That should show up in the outer work you're doing.

In life and in business, examples of outer work include:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling your time
  • Setting up systems
  • Building relationships/connections
  • Writing
  • Volunteering
  • How we spend our money
  • Caring for our families
  • The words that we speak
The words that we speak to others (and to ourselves) is a great example of how the inner work works its way out. When we endeavor to live and follow God, we have to change our vocabulary and change some of the old habits with the words we say (or don't say anymore).

Note: With the inner work and outer work both, we should remain teachable and continuously learning. You and I are not know-it-alls! Even though we might want to, the truth is that we just don't know everything. When we remain teachable, we leave ourselves open to the wisdom and growth that God wants to see in our lives. Do not allow pride or laziness creep up, because it will if we let it.

As entrepreneurs and business women who continue to learn, develop our skills and change bad habits into effective habits, God will be able to use us in a powerful way because of our willingness to do this inner and outer work. Maybe there are some who do not value this growth, but we will become better people for it.

Don't give up on the inner work, and persevere with the outer work! I pray that God blesses the work of your hands, and have a great day. Blessings to you.
~Krista Dunk

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