Monday, May 17, 2010

Sistergirl Devotions Book Review

There aren't many who are speaking to the business women of faith right now. I can think of just a handful of people that I know of, and I was thrilled to find one more recently. Her name is Carol M. Mackey, and she is the author of a book called "Sistergirl Devotions - Keeping Jesus in the Mix on the Job."

Now, I know that devotionals are supposed to be read one section per day, but...These bite-sized pearls of wisdom from Carol are so good! It was too hard to read just one - sort of like potato chips!

I appreciate her writing style, which is both practical and filled with spiritual wisdom at the same time. Each devotional topic has a "Power Move" as she calls it, which drives home the main point while giving steps on how to make it happen. She also includes a "My Confession" statement at the end, which is similar to what an affirmation would be. It is a statement of intention, such as "I will seek God's direction for my life as I work toward the vision He's given me," found on page 129.

Next month, Carol M. Mackey will be our guest on KBWomen Radio! She will share information about herself, her book and what it's like to be a Christian woman in business and an author. You can find out more about our Monday morning KBWomen Radio shows at this link: We are a part of the CWA Radio Network.

Pick up a copy of "Sistergirl Devotions" and feed your soul and spirit each day as you take your faith into the world of business. I love hearing the stories of what God is doing, and has done, in someone else's life. It gives me hope, insight and inspiration. Thank you Carol!

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