Friday, September 24, 2010

Do You Know Your Everyday Calling?

Want to discover your God-given gifts? Want to stop wasting time, mental energy and effort on things you're not sure is God's will for your life? Do you enjoy your role on Sundays serving at church, but then remain unsatisfied with Monday - Saturday? Believe me...I've been there...But I did not stay there!

Just 1 week left to register for the October 2nd, 3-hour workshop in Lacey, WA, called The "Your Everyday Calling Workshop."

In this workshop, Krista Dunk will take participants through a series of exercises, assessments, group work, and questions to help each participant begin to seek God for His plan for their lives. Registration is just $34. For the cost of a pair of shoes, the information gained will be priceless...
Just a few spots left to be filled - sign up today at!

Hope to see you there...

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