Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dream Chaser

"On your mark... get set... G…… Hey, wait a minute... you didn’t wait until I said go. Hold up. Okay, fine. I can catch you anyway, at least I hope I can. I can. I will."

So, I run down the road, onto the gravel, hop over logs, up the dunes, down to the beach, into the waves, out again, into town, in the house, up the stairs. I stop.

"Hello? Where are you? I was right behind you for awhile but I couldn’t keep up. Why are you always running ahead of me? Yes, I am talking to you, my Dream. Why are you always running ahead of me? All I want to do is catch up with you. Can I do that for just a moment? All I desire, my Dream, is to live for a moment in unison with you. That is all I ask – just a moment here and there to live in unison with you. Did I make a wrong turn? Should I go back? Why do you avoid me? Why do you stay just out of my reach? Maybe the better question is why do I keep following you? Why?"

"O.K., really, why?"

"It’s simple really... because I believe in you, my Dream. And when the moment comes that I do catch up to you, and live in unison with you, that moment is a miracle. A natural occurrence of life."

Life is about following a dream wherever it may take me. And miracles are as natural as breath. The only thing unnatural about miracles is when they don’t happen.

So, yes I will follow my Dream. I will chase it, I will find short cuts if I can – but the key is that I know we will have our moments of unison – my Dream and I.

My life is nothing but living in, being with, waiting for, expecting soon, and sincerely pursuing my dreams and thus I live a life of miracles.

by Teri Hawkins - Master Teacher, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist, Money Magazine's Top 1000 Female Entrepreneurs, and President of the National Speakers Club www.NationalSpeakersClub.com

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