Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heart Motive: Money or Service?

Here in this world, we all need money. We've heard that if we're not making money, our business is just a hobby or that success is defined by profits. While there are great business skills and insights to learn to become effective, we need a different viewpoint. As business women in God's Kingdom, we are called to serve, love, use our gifts and trust God as our top priorities. In fact, Jesus tells us this in Matthew 6, "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." All "these things" include provision of every kind; all of our physical needs.

As our capacity and stewardship increase (and heart motives shift to putting service first), God can add to your life anything and everything you need. Not focusing on the money as we work and do business is a test of our faith.

Money only defines success from the world's viewpoint, not God's. Check your own motives by asking yourself this question: "Did I do this/will I do this simply to make money, or is my #1 motive to serve others with the gifts and/or message God has given me?"

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Yvonne said...

Wow this is amazing that you should post this.I have been asking myself this very same question in the last few days.I have a small business working as a Birth and Post Natal Doula in the UK and absolutley LOVE what I do,the only problem is that in the area I live there is not a lot of money to pay for this kind of service,and as my Hubby is on a relatively low salary we need my income to pay the bills.
I really believe what I do makes a difference to the lives of new Mums and believe I am using the gifts God gave me,yet have found myself wondering more and more about where we go from here as money becomes the focus of everything.This is such a timely post for me and I know I really will have to seek God first and foremost.