Friday, January 1, 2010

Making Effective New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year to you!

I can remember the movie called "2010" from when I was in 6th grade (I'm totally dating myself now). 2010 was so far away at that time, that it didn't seem real. Well, reality is slapping me in the face today for sure!

Actually, I look forward to 2010. I have positive expectations about it, including knowing that Koinonia Business Women has some very exciting things happening this year. We're making plans for membership and more chapters, as well as mastermind groups for Christian business owners, etc. Planning is something business owners need to learn to love!

That reminds me of making New Year's resolutions. Today is the day! From weight loss and financial goals, to kicking bad habits, thousands of people are motivating themselves to make changes this year. Here is a thought God revealed to me last week about New Year's resolutions. Many people make them, just for fun. Others take them seriously, for about the first 10 days or so. A rare person will make them stick.

According to the dictionary definition of resolution, it means to reach a firm decision, to clear up, to deal with successfully, to find an answer, etc. Part of the word itself is "solve." Somehow, the concept of New Year's resolutions is fluffy, not resolute at all! It's like a game or a fad - something to do for fun.

If you have something you are resolute about, here's what you can do to ensure your resolutions will be successful!
  • Identify a problem or an area of under-performance.
  • Figure out how to solve it. Pray.
  • Make a decision to do it.
  • Move forward with actions that support the decision.
  • Create habits to reinforce the desired outcome.
  • Gain confidence in your decision making ability and resolve.

Too many things remain unresolved in our lives. Our minds love it when we make a firm decision about something. Firm decisions allow our minds to work towards a specific goal without doubt, wavering emotions, nervous tension, or competing ideas interfering.

You can do it! Be resolute! Move forward into 2010 and know God is for you, and with you.

Posted by Krista Dunk

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