Friday, January 29, 2010

Do You Have Prayer In Action?

Do you have prayer in action? I have an interesting thought for you today - Prayer alone is limited. Does that mess with your theology? It might, until you understand what I mean through these examples below:

Example 1: Misty has credit card debt that she badly wants to get rid of. It is weighing on her mind and puts a strain on her marriage relationship. Misty prays about her finances and to become debt-free. Misty has 2 options.

#1 - Pray, yet continue with the same spending habits and remain at the same financial knowledge level.

#2 - Pray, and take action that supports her prayers - learn, get wisdom, budget, stop using credit cards for unnecessary purchases.

Example 2: Susan is a new business owner. She has a opened a mini-spa with nail, hair, massage, and facial services. She needs new clients and sales. Susan has 2 options.

#1 - Pray, and hang out at her new office waiting for clients to walk in or call.

#2 - Pray, and make some calls, attend networking meetings, send out marketing postcards, and/or create a coupon for new customers and email it out to all her contacts.

Get the picture? Prayer is definitely a crucial part of our stewardship. We each need to not only pray, but have the corresponding action that supports those prayers. This is true for all areas of our lives, including our businesses, our marriages, raising children, finances, ministries, etc.

We do our part diligently, and then let God do the rest!

Posted by Krista Dunk

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