Monday, January 25, 2010

Want Some *BLING*?

Yes! Get some BLING in your inbox twice a month. Koinonia Business Women has our free newsletter for business women of faith, which we lovingly call *BLING* (partially because of the nice acronym we created, but also just because we really like blingy stuff :-).

Inspiring, &
Godly Businesswomen

When you subscribe, you will also receive a great, free eBook called, "Faith in Business Inspirational Quotes." Our next edition comes out this Tuesday, so sign up quick! Professional Christians, business owners, coaches, independent consultants, managers and executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs will enjoy what *BLING* has to offer.

Also, we have advertising opportunities in *BLING* for those who would like to advertise their business, products or services to other Christian women in business around the country.

Have a wonderful week! You are blessed and highly favored, so live a life worthy of Jesus' sacrifice.


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