Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Layers of Vision

All of us have layers of vision for our future. What layer level are you working on right now? Let me explain more about what I'm talking about with this story...

Last night, I was talking with a good friend about her goals and dreams for her future. Let's call her Deborah. Deborah is a great, single lady who is believing God for her first home and a Godly husband who shares her heart for the Lord and children. I also know she also has an amazing dream to own a B&B for ministry sabbaticals.

She was expressing her frustration to me about how she is feeling that her B&B dream seems unreachable right now. She was comparing her current "small" vision of home and family with my current vision for the national expansion of KBWomen. Here is what I told her.

"Deborah, everyone has layers of vision. You can't start at the huge, global plan at first. Right now, you're at the setting up relationships and home layer. Once that layer is established, you can move to the next layer level, then the next. There are layers of vision."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all saying that a single lady has to get married before she can move forward with God-given vision, or buy a home. However, this is a big desire of Deborah's heart. This is her focus right now, therefore meaning that is the next layer to pursue. In fact, she wants her dream of the B&B is to be shared with her future husband.

Think about how societies evolve. At the basic level, they are focused on finding food and shelter. Once that layer is established, they can move on to specializing in crafts or building community structures. Then financial systems and government, then higher learning, etc. Layers build upon layers. Once a layer is established and stable, the next one builds upon it.

What layer are you working on right now? What layer is next? Do not despise small beginnings. Small beginnings are just a place where you can prove yourself a good steward, ready for the next layer to arrive!


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