Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Connection + Collaboration = Growth

So far, February has been a great month of collaboration with other business women of faith and partnering with other organizations. Over the past year, my opinion of connecting and collaborating in business with others has changed significantly. Collaboration chases the scarcity mindset and competitive spirits away. It allows God to work through relationships, setting up a framework for joint success. When we are collaborating with other people for good, we are actually collaborating with God and His purposes too.

In my estimation, without connection and collaboration, growth comes extremely slowly, if at all. Think about it;

  • Without our connection to God's Spirit, we do not grow in Godly things.
  • Being disconnected from people damages relationships and stunts our learning curve in life.
  • In business, relying on our own understanding and not using mentors or other experts can lead to a collapse.
  • Without proper support, anything in life is at risk of breaking down.

In your life and business, who are you connecting and collaborating with? Are these connections and collaborative efforts leading to the kind of growth you want for your future? Do these relationships have a foundation of faith in God?

Next week, something is coming to help all of us "Connect, Collaborate & Grow." Please seriously consider joining us in the Koinonia Business Women's Association (KBWA). Frankly, the community needs you and you need the community. No one of us alone has all the answers, but joined together, and with God's direction, we WILL see God's power working through us in amazing ways.

As one of my mentors says, "Life is a team sport." It's time to rise up and build; build ourselves, build up others and build God's Kingdom. Now that's my idea of worthwhile, effective collaboration!

~Krista Dunk, http://www.kbwomen.com

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