Friday, August 6, 2010

Marriage is a Gift

This past Sunday I was reminded of something that made my heart swell. And when I really got into the core of the inspiration, my floodgates simply burst open; Floodgates of joy, not sorrow. In fact, it was a the gift in the midst of the flood that inspired my heart, and I wanted to share it with you.

When my husband and I were married 8 years ago, our Pastor counseled us on the gift of marriage. He said that our marriage was just like the gift of our salvation. God designed our union as a precious gift only to be shared by the two of us. I remember how honored I felt at that moment, and then to have that as part of our vows, I was moved beyond words. God loved me so much, that not only did He send His Son for My sin; He sent my husband as an earthly token of His unfailing love for me too. That stirs my heart even today.

On Sunday, I was brought back to that place of gifting with a joyous reminder of God’s heart for both my husband and me - And for you! No matter where you are in your life right now, know that you have a gift in your Salvation and you can use it daily for encouragement, for support, as your pillar of strength, as the lover of your heart. That God wrapped up your gift with an exquisitely beautiful package must stir your soul too.

Remember, this gift of marriage is for everyone. Even if you are in a marriage right now and you feel that you are in a season of drought, think of what you have done to stay nourished and drought free in your walk with Jesus. Now apply those same steps to your marriage. “But Tammy, you just don’t know my husband he….” Woman, I don’t need to know your husband or your circumstances to know that God is bigger than all of it, and the gift He has for you is so sweet. He has given us the steps to walk out the gift of the marriage too. It’s up to us to take the steps and lean on Him for understanding.

Know this, when you have a desire for the gift of God, you are on a collision course for the blessing of God. Marriage is a gift, desire that gift and let the giver of the gift conduct your steps as a bride.

To know more of the promises of the gifts God has for you head to Isaiah 54: 11-14.

- by Tammy Redmon

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