Monday, August 23, 2010

Mindset & Marriage Finances

Is your Mindset keeping Marital Finances Strapped?

There are some wives that chose the position of money manager or Chief Financial Officer because they were aware of their husbands lack of money management skills. There are other wives who did not choose the position, yet someone had to do it and her husband was not volunteering for the job. Irregardless of how you got the position, being a Wife CFO means you are able to communicate, forecast, negotiate, save, spend, and plan ahead which all result in what is best for the family and marriage.

We've all heard, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, right? Are you sitting there reading this and thinking, I cannot afford this before you even know what the amount is? If you think AND speak you cannot afford something, you are right - you won't be able to. You just told your mind you can't, and your subconscious mind will work with you to deliver that which you concentrate on whether it is lack or abundance! Think about in these terms - if you tell a child he is bad and he thinks that he is, then that is the continued behavior you will see in front of you.

Did that information spark your interest? Or are you a wife that would like to save money but think it can't be done? Join Wife today to get more thought provoking messages, encouragement and solutions such as the one above. Some of the wives in are currently participating in a Savings Challenge. Successfully meeting their goal at the end of the challenge will mean they will have saved $300. What would $300 (that does not belong to a credit card) mean to your family? As the creator of Wife CFO, my purpose is to help those wives that are struggling or have questions regarding marriage and money, provide resources and encourage them.

Understand is a free and private membership site. It could just be the answer to a prayer or concern you have. Meet me at and begin your path to financial freedom.

by Dr. Taffy Wagner, marriage money communication expert from

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