Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breakthrough Conference 2011 is Coming!

Hi Ladies,

I am very excited to announce a fabulous event happening this fall. November 14-18, Breakthrough Conference 2011 is coming! It is a 5-day virtual women's ministry conference with 10 amazing speakers that have 10, must-know teaching sessions for women of God. Since this is a virtual conference, you can participate from anywhere via your computer!

Learn more and register at

For the past year, God has really been showing me how much we're missing - knowledge and wisdom we need to know as His people. Our lack of knowledge is hindering us in many ways, including in our emotional, spiritual, mental, physical/health, financial and relational areas of life. All of these hindrances also keep us from stepping out and taking our places within His plans and purposes (our calling).

Breakthrough Conference helps you, women of God, to breakthrough where you've been stuck, reveal practical steps to move forward with and will encourage you to take hold of all that God has established for you!

Your opportunities:

  • Attend the conference for ONLY $12. Yes, shocking, I know :-). Register today at

  • Partner with this event by becoming a promo partner. Promo partners earn $5 from every ticket sold that they've referred. Simply sign up as one of our affiliates here: Then spread the word and invite women of God to the event using your affiliate link.

  • Become an event sponsor and get your products and services in front of over 25K+ Christian women. If this is your target market (or women in general), this will be a great opportunity for you! Sponsorship info:
So join us at Breakthrough Conference 2011, and let others know too! Thank you...

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