Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Choose ONE Thing, by Natasha Golinsky

by Natasha Golinsky, of www.fortuneandfaith.com

In working with my clients, I regularly run into business women who are burned out because they feel like they’re working on developing so many sources of income; however, none of them are succeeding. I met a woman recently who excitedly described herself as a “serial entrepreneur” meaning that she dabbled in many different businesses. Although she seemed excited all I could think was “she is making a big mistake and there is no way she can successfully handle all that in the long term.”

I admit that there is something fun and exciting about having many projects on the go but if you’re this type of person ask yourself “how’s it going so far?” Is it working? Do you own multiple domain names, run multiple Facebook pages and/or market yourself differently to different audiences? Just like I thought about the woman I met, until you focus on one venture and brand yourself as a person who can solve one type of problem for one particular market you will never truly gain traction with your business.

People always seek out the BEST person to solve their problem. They don’t want a Jane-of-all-trades trying to give them solutions but they want the specialist. What are you great at? What are you more passionate about than anything? Which one problem could you see yourself consistently, passionately solving for others? Which one idea can you stay excited about communicating over and over (and over and over)?

Trying to market yourself as being a bit of everything is not believable and also draws attention to the fact that you’re not sure who you are as a brand.

Take some time to explore your spiritual gifts and natural strengths. Be open to God’s wisdom to show you which market He has designed you to serve. We all have a call and a purpose on our lives. Like Seth Godin always says “In today’s market where anyone can get anything they want, people seek the experts for solving their particular problem.” Become the expert that people could not live without.

Originally posted at http://integratedwomanministries.com/choose-one-thing.

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