Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is This Business My Calling?

Am I in the right business? Is this the work God has called me to? Am I in the Lord's will with my plans and goals? These questions are a common theme within the community of faith-based business and professional women, and they are important to ask. As businesswomen of God, we truly want God's answers. When they remain unanswered, an inner frustration, lack of commitment, stress and uncertainty can occur.
I've been in this place of uncertainty myself. Synonyms (and symptoms!) for "uncertainty" include:


If you find yourself in this situation, there is hope! Here are some truths to contemplate, affirmations and helpful tips:

- God has established a work for your hands and favor is found there. (Psalm 90)
- As one of God's people, the Holy Spirit has given you gifts to be used for His purposes.
- You have unique talents, abilities and aptitudes that come easily to you. This is by God's design!
- When you cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit, you will get direction and revelation.
- The work God has for you will always make a meaningful difference in others' lives.
- We have to be careful about listening to and following "worldly wisdom" systems and goals. It may seem right and good, but it leads to a separation of our path from God's.
- God's will can be permissive, meaning He allows us to continue in something even though it's not His first choice/plan A for us. We can seek Him for His perfect will.
- Examine what your heart's cry is for others and what motivates you at the core.
- Only God can reveal His plan to you. Searching for your purpose apart from seeking His face will be another source of frustration.

I pray that this information helps you today. As you may, or may not know, I have a special book that deals directly with this topic - God's people who are searching for their gifts and calling. To read more, visit the book's website at http://www.stepoutandtakeyourplace.com/.

You are blessed and called of God!

Krista Dunk


Anonymous said...

Thank you Krista! Your email/post came at a time of indecision on a new side business opportunity for me - so this was definitely timely.

I have found God speaks sometimes loudly and softly, but we (as his sheep) need to keep a 'trained ear' to his calling. Perhaps it is only then, we will hear him speak to us about a question/prayer/indecision.


Koinonia Business Women said...

Thank you Liz!
Glad this post spoke to you at just the right time. I heard some wise advice today on this - if we try to force something out (a promise from God in our own timing, work our own plan, etc.), we'll give birth to an Ishmael.

Training our ears to hear is one of the best things we can focus on.