Monday, November 23, 2009

From Frustrated to Thankful

I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle with daily "stuff." Being a person with a strong sense of purpose inside, I have to be honest about not enjoying some of the mundane tasks that need to be taken care of in my life. Things like laundry, having a dirty floor after every meal (I have young kids!!), changing light bulbs (yes, even this is irritating), wading through coats, shoes and backpacks, organizing our paper mess, dusting, deciding on meal menus, etc., etc.

Can you relate? Maybe you have other areas of your life that frustrate or stop your flow. Whatever the case may be, there is a refreshing perspective that we can adopt in these situations. Let me explain...
  • When I'm sick of dirty dishes, I remember that some have no food today.
  • When little shoes track dirt inside, I can feel happy that we have property to play on.
  • When the alarm sounds too early, it's great to know I've woken up and have good things planned for the day.
  • When the laundry baskets are full, I feel thankful to have had a closet full of clothes to keep us warm.
  • When I'm stressed about guests coming over for a dinner party, I can be thankful for friends and family who love me enough to come over.
  • When the mail comes and it's nothing but bills, I am thankful we have enough money to pay them.
  • When it's raining outside (again), I remember how beautiful it makes Washington.
  • When I get spam emails, I am thankful for technology that helps me work and connect with friends.
  • When the kids behave badly, I am still thankful they are mine, knowing God feels the same way about me.

I could go on, and I'm sure you have many you could add too! It's really a small mindset shift, when we realize just how blessed we are. It's true that sometimes blessings feel like burdens, but throw the burdened feeling off. Let's ask the Lord to make our arms strong for our work, and our minds set on thankfulness.

May your hearts, families and homes be blessed and at peace. Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Krista Dunk,

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