Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SHINE Entrepreneur's Event Re-Cap

Remember last month when we posted about a business conference we were going to attend in Las Vegas, called SHINE? The event was last week. From our point of view, it was a huge success and very worthwhile to attend!

Why? Several reasons:
  • Networking with other entrepreneurial business women (and a few men) was great.
  • We made new friends, contacts and interacted in various ways with some great people.
  • Business skill building sessions helped us get clarity of vision to move forward with some projects and changes.
  • Fun and famous guest speakers were there, including Marlee Matlin, Barbara Corcoran (from the TV show "Shark Tank"), Julie Clark (creator of the Baby Einstein product line), and a woman named Anne McKevitt from the UK (now living in Australia). The wealth of wisdom and experience that these women shared was amazing.
  • The event itself was done with excellence, and everything ran smoothly.
  • We had dedicated time to work on our businesses!
  • We had fun!

Stay tuned for another post coming Monday with specific quotes and nuggets of wisdom from the event. Thank you Ali Brown for hosting this wonderful event!

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