Friday, January 21, 2011

21-Day Fast Blog Journal: Cravings


Lord God in Heaven, I used to crave for physical things, more clothes than I need, more time than I need, more food, more of everything. All these physical cravings consumed my thoughts, my lifestyle, my everyday when I should have been craving more of you. I knew you were always there Lord, at my side and at my back, but I should have been looking for you at my front to guide me. I lost sight of what I was supposed to be doing. I was walking without a plan; had too many clothes, too little time and money management and too much food consumption. I had only to rely on you for a plan instead of relying only on me.

Over consumption of anything will lead to a loss of something with whatever I do. Spending too much leads to debt, not managing money and time wisely leads to waste. Allowing food to consume me has led to unhealthy body and an unhealthy spirit life. I don't want my spirit to starve Lord, so I rely on you so that I can resist the temptations and redirect my cravings onto you Lord. Jesus, Lord you were tempted so I know I am not alone. Temptation does not have to come in the form of food; it can be in any form, and produce all kinds of unhealthy cravings. Lead me not into temptation guide me towards your spirit of truth.

Today I sustain a deep craving Lord God; a craving for your spirit and truth. I wish to be consumed by the spiritual cravings of truth and life, not of darkness and death. The life of the righteous is in your hands. Lead me to the cross where I lay my burden down. God be with me. Amen.

Contributed by (KBWA Member Angelica Carmouche) Drisana -

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