Monday, January 17, 2011

21-Day Fasting Journal Continued...Weekend Fasting Days

I have learned that God speaks to you when you are quiet; when all the noise is quieted in your life, including the noise in my mind. I experienced my own awakening this weekend. I felt the presence of God while I was lying down, my child was sleeping, the television was off, and my eyes were closed. This is what I heard:

Some people who experience God tell you they have experienced Him and it is usually after a huge loss. The Lord has moved into their lives they tell you and changed them and it is after they have experienced a trial or a terrible circumstance. There is nothing wrong with that the Lord was telling me because it has happened to me. But what then...the Lord asked me personally, what have you done after God has come in cleaned everything up made you feel better and moved you forward in your life? Remember now....God was speaking to me...ok. Let me change the tone. The Lord asked me, "What have you done after I have cleaned everything up? You have taken the mile I have given you and regressed backward inch by inch until you are doing exactly the same thing you were doing before that led you to calling out to Me in the first place. If you would have just stayed with Me instead of pulling back you would have been even further along. Does that make sense to you?

The Lord asked me that..."Does that make sense to you girl?"

The Lord showed me in my mind where I had asked for His help, called out His name and how He had answered me. He showed me the times He had placed answers in front of me and I chose other paths. He even showed me how He had used those diverted paths of mine to better me. The simplest thing is this, God told me this in my personal prayer..."You don't need a loss to call out to me. You don't need a terrible circumstance or a horrible consequence. You don't need those things at all to have Me in your life all the time. You can have victory in your life without having to suffer loss after loss after loss. I don't want you to suffer, I want you to experience the freedom of knowing that I am with you every day, every moment, and that you can be secure and happy with that knowledge and move forward in a positive way."

As I prayed on this, I understood that I do not want to suffer any more losses either. I want God in my life without the pain of self-inflicted loss and I do not want to regress either. I didn't know how long it was going to take for my own spiritual awakening, but it was pretty quick according to my standards. I guess it is because I discovered that I am expecting again, and the Lord who knows everything revealed these things to me now in this short period of time. Now my prayer is focused on having another healthy pregnancy and birth. My faith levels have definitely been raised. My attitude about food has changed as my hunger for spiritual food has grown. It is absolutely amazing what God can do.

I pray that God continues to use me as an inspiration, and I pray that if you decide the same that you experience your own awakening with God.

Praise God by the power of His Holy Name, Lord Jesus. Amen

Drisana -

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