Thursday, January 20, 2011

21-Day Fast Blog Journal

Search for a Deeper Meaning

Sometimes when I write or think, I have rambling thoughts and everything comes out jumbled and confused. It is like I am typing on the keyboard and every second or third key that I hit sticks and I have to hit it several times and it ends up like ttttttttttthis. Does life seem like this to you sometimes? That is when I realize that I have to take deep breaths, quiet the noise in my mind and in my heart, and ask God for peace. I have learned over this past week how to truly allow God to take over, to hand over my problems, fears and concerns to God, not to pick those problems back up and try and tell Him what to do with them. In the past couple of weeks of fasting and prayer, I have found a portion of inner peace that has allowed me to truly surrender to God and not fear the future unknown.

Lord God, my life is in your hands. To you I give total surrender and hand over all my worries, fears, doubts, insecurities. I will not pick these problems back up and tell you what to do with them. I will let go, as it well should be with total faith in my surrender to you Lord. Keep guiding me Lord, and draw me closer to you so that I may have strength in the journey.

Drisana -

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