Thursday, January 13, 2011

Angelica's Fast - Day #3

Day 3 has been both a challenge, and an answer to prayer. I honestly did not expect a call to my heart such as this when the Lord spoke to me. Some challenges have been on my heart. With challenges, we feel troubled, and with those troubles I went to the Lord in prayer asking for guidance. I received an answer to this prayer as quickly as my mind thought the request. I was told not only to keep blogging, but I was told to write the past troubles that I had gone through out.

Being an imperfect person, I have been through many different things. My own self-inflicted trials and tribulations to name a few, and have not always actively sought God in my life. Of course I always believed in God, I always believed that Jesus Christ died for me and my sins. Yet I did not fully know what that meant, and in my ignorance, I lived my life for myself not fully having surrendered my life over to God. I believed in God, and yet I lived as if He did not exist. I only went to Him if I saw there was no other way not fully realizing that He is the way.

Lord, I do not wish to live my life as if you were a sidebar to my question mark. I wish to live my life in complete surrender to you God. I wish to live my life in total trust in your truth and your word. God in giving myself over to you, I have complete faith that you will redeem me in what has been lost and I will be found in the protective Glory of your Grace and your Heavenly Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord God, for your mercy, thank you Lord God for all that you have done for me. That my sins have been forgiven by the sacrifice you made with your son Jesus. Thank you Lord God. In your Heavenly name I pray.


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