Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 5 of a 21-Day Fast

I am grateful to God that I started today out with a prayer. "Lord God, just be with me Jesus." I had no idea how much strength I would gather from those few words in a prayer. I can't express that enough because I have said those words many times today. "Lord God, just be with me Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. There is nothing like the name of Jesus."

Oh, it was tough today, really rough. The devil was working all kinds of tricks on my mind and in my heart. But you know it wouldn't be God if the devil wasn't trying to work on me. My birthday is coming up, and a friend of mine wants to take me to lunch. I asked him if he would mind waiting until after 5:00pm and then told him why. "It is a fast from sun up to sun down," I told him. Well, he told me it was just foolishness that he would have to "plan his life around events," and he wasn't going to do it. So I told him "never mind." God, God, God, oh well - something must be coming to revelation that day on my 35th birthday. I will wait and pray on it. The Lord knows I am being true to my commitment.

Keep me in your prayers, this is as I have said a commitment to God and I am dedicated to keeping my word. It has for sure been a conditioning of mind, body and spirit.

Be still and have faith in the Lord whose strength I hold near to my heart.

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